Saturday, June 19, 2010

(Drawing) Portrait Photographs

One of the Breadth Units we will be working on in the fall is a portrait unit.  But, students often get a little board with the standard portrait and the AP graders recognize work that is just made for an assignment.  For for one of the pieces we will start in the 1st quarter we will be making watercolor and colored pencil drawing of your face in the most crazy position you can make it.  I've put an examples below.  Look on the website to see more.
They are not pretty, right!  This piece of artwork for your portfolio is as much about moving beyond your comfort zone as it is improving your drawing skills.

To prepare for the unit, you'll need to bring 10 - 8" X 10" prints of different EXTREME POSSES.  We will have a good laugh on the 1st day of school and them select the craziest.  These should prove to give your portfolio some extreme punch!  BRING YOUR ALREADY PRINTED PHOTOS ON THE FIRST DAY.  IF YOU PRINTER IS OUT OF INK, THEN GO TO KINKOS!! We will definitely need them on the 1st day of school.

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