Monday, June 28, 2010

(2D Design) Character Design

Part One: So, one major project we will be working on in the fall is a poster for the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  I don't really watch or even know to much about this series, but it has a drawing style that is very unique.  Your task is to dive into the world of Star Wars. Learn about the characters, the plot, the history.  Come to class at the beginning of the year being able to give a presentation about the story. You might want to also view the online comic at the below address.

How fun is this are being asked to watch cartoons.

Part Two:  You will now be designing a new character in the style of the Clone Wars.  Your character must come from a planet that you invent, a  race your create, and a history.  You must draw it in the style of the Clone Wars, but you are introducing a new character.  Think about what they look like?  What kind of environment did it grow up in?  What do they eat? What kinds of clothing, weapons, head ornamentation, jewelry, vehicles, etc.  How does the character get introduced into the Clone Wars story line?  You will make a presentation to the class of your ideas during the month of October, but your sketches and a 1 page description of your character and it's history are due on the first day of school.
Use the template below to draw your character.  We will complete this project in the month of October.

Part Three:  In addition to the character, you will be designing the kind of vehicle it travels in.  It might be organic or inorganic.  This is a test of your drawing skills in both shading and in perspective drawing.
I did a quick search for "futuristic vehicles" on Google and saw some cool stuff that might give you ideas for inorganic vehicles.   Come to class with detailed drawing of your vehicle.  We will end up scanning this drawing and hand coloring it in Photoshop. Please draw a top, front and right view of the vehicle just like you did in the character design image.

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