Sunday, June 20, 2010

(2D Design) Typography

Typography design in the foundation of graphic design.  Designing your own fonts can really add a lot to your portfolio of work for AP review.  For this assignment you'll be designing 3 complete fonts.  To get to this process, I'd like for you to sketch-out 8 different designs of 6 letters.    Then from these 8 samples of fonts, pick three and design the entire alphabet and the number 0-9.  Come to class with all of your final sketches.  

Use the sketchbook with the grid lines to help you complete this project.  Or get creative and experiment with different ways to create fonts.  You're 1st project back from school will be to work with your font design.
This font is made to look like hair in the shower drain.
 This font face was made from 19th century found clip art.  The artist collaged them together and then made a font.  If you chose to do something like this, you must make the font black and white. I will show you how to make it work like a font.

This font is made photographing buildings and then compositing them into Photoshop.  This is a very creative way to make a font.  The negative space is what makes the letter, not the positive space.

This font is actually a 3-D constructed object.  If you want to experiment with this kind of  technique, make sure you create an original font.
You might want to create an ornate font design.  This could be really beautiful.  Font design is about developing a cohesive design with beautiful lines.

Again your assignment
8 sketches of 6 letters of rough ideas
3 completed font design with alphabet and numbers.

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