Sunday, June 13, 2010

(3-D) Welcome Sculpture Students

This blog will be our primary form of communication over the summer.  Please use it!  Each of you have the ability to comment on posts. Posts are the individual assignments that I put on the blog.  You will be asked to periodically photograph your progress and add it to the blog.  Please review the steps and protocols  listed below for posting a comment.

To add a comment:  A blog is only a good as a classes participation.  What the blog will offer is a way for everyone to help each other with their assignments.  If you have a question about how to do something, where to get materials, or you find a cool artist, then add a comment....comment on others' questions.  My hope is that we can build an online community with this site.  When you go to college, many of your classes will require to post information on a blog of some kind.  Remember that this site is for school and "social-networking". So keep the language professional and positive.

If you need help with making a comment, you can check out the website below.

Summer Assignment Overview

You have 5 summer assignments called Design Problems.  Some of the Design Problems are major projects that you need to finish while others are simple assignments that are meant to get you started on a project or get your thinking. All of the assignments will be posted by June 21st so that you may work on multiple assignments at one time.  Remember the bigger commitment you make during the summer, the easier it will be to complete your portfolio!!!

Design Problem #1:  Artist Journal - Collect images of sculptors that inspire you and paste them in your journal along with information.

Design Problem #2:  Modular Geometric  (Mockup) - You will make a template and a cardboard mock up of a sculpture we will be making using sheet metal in the fall.

Design Problem #3:  Modular Relief - carve a tessellation form that we will make a silicone mold of to cast multiples from

Design Problem #4: Line as Form - using wire to create a form that will have paper added to it.

Design Problem #5: Stone Sculpture - introduction to small format stone carving.

Design Problem #6: Consumer Monster- mixed media project using recycled products.

I've just purchased each of you $45 of materials.  Please bring a check or cash to the office before June 18th and give it to myself or Pat Fink in the main office.  Let her know it is for materials for Art.  She will give it to the right person.

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