Sunday, June 13, 2010

(3-D) Design Problem #3: Modular Tessellation

Design Problem Overview: For your 4th summer assignment you will be carving a piece of balsa-foam.  You've been provided with a piece of 6" X 9" piece of foam.  First,  cut the the piece into a 6" X 6" square.  Keep the other small piece for another project.  You will be creating a relief inspired by the work of Chiara Corbelletto, but your work will end up having your own unique design to it. You will 
be carving an interesting shape that links together like a tessellation. This summer, I want you to finish 
carving the shape. You'll receive credit for finishing this part of the project in September, but we will 
finish it in October. We will be making a silicone rubber mold of your carving and then casting multiple
pieces in either plastic, plaster or use the mold as a press mold for clay. We will discuss about mold 
making in October. But, please spend some time reviewing the o depending on your preference.  I

You must have the piece link together like example #1 and #2. If you approach the Design Problem in 
this manner you will end up with a relief sculpture If you really want to go for it and make a piece that 
fits together

A Random Image
Example 1:  Chiara Corbelletto
this sculpture is made up of 15 of the exact same shape.  They have
been arranged in a repeating pattern.  The interesting thing is that she
 could add an infinite number of pieces to build a huge wall piece.
Notice how the contour of the shape is simple but interesting and the
 elevation of the shape changes.  When the pieces are put together, this
 variation in elevation is what makes the varying values in the piece.

Example #2: This piece of public art also made by, Corbelletto, is also make
 from interlocking pieces in a tessellation.

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