Saturday, June 19, 2010

(All AP Students) Update/Check-in

So, the summer will quickly get away from all of you. So, to keep everyone on track I want to photograph your work-in-progress and post them on the blog.  To post your work, please comment on this posting.  Make sure your work is a low resolution for that it will load quickly (72 dpi is a good choice).   Feel free to make some positive comments or share your finds on YouTube with the rest of the group.  It's always helpful to teach each other!

Please post by these two due dates.

July 6th
August 1st


  1. what two projects are we suposed to post for those times?

  2. I'm in Germany so I can't post an assignment by the first due date because I can't upload photographs to the computer of my host family. Once I get back I'll post the assignments.

  3. My sister Eunice and I are in Seattle and we can't upload photos until we get back at the end of July.

  4. I have everything photographed, but I am having difficulty uploading. It's probably my computer-challengedness taking effect. I'll try to send by email instead.

  5. it wouldnt upload so i sent it through email.

  6. So, it looks like you can't post a photograph within a comment. I'm going through and making it so each of you have the ability to make a new post. You'll get an email with an invitation to be an administrator of the blog. This will give you the ability to create a "New Post" found on the top right of the menu bar. Then others can comment on your artwork. When you make a new post of your work, put more than one image within the same post. That way people can comment on multiple pieces of work.

    STavro, you should post your work in progress as you have it so far.