Saturday, June 19, 2010

(Drawing) Pastel Assignment 1

So, hopefully you've picked up a huge pile of drawing materials.  For your first assignment I'd like for you to get familiar with the Prismacolor Nupastels by completing 3 drawings of pears.  Go to the store buy 4 pears and another fruit or vegetable of different colors and textures. Make sure the pears have some great spots on them. You don't want to buy perfect pears, make sure they have good surface texture.

Use the colored pastel paper in the packet to complete the following assignments:
Pear Assignment #1
1.  Set up 2 pears in an interesting way
2.  Use expressive, but realistic marks to draw the pears.
3.  Shade in the background. Don't leave it the color of the paper. Take a look a this article of paiting shadows.

Pear Assignment #2

1. Place 1 pear and another fruit or veggie on a window sill like the image to the left.  take a look a the shadows. Do they make interesting shapes.  Would your still life be better if you added another object with the fruit.

2.  sketch out the still life on one of the pastel papers.

3. For this drawing you want it to be as realist as possible.  Use the Nupastel for this drawing.  If you find that you can't get the pastels to stick because there is so much on the paper, then lightly spray it with some hair spray.  This will fix the drawing allowing you to add more layers.

Pear Assignment #3 
For the third drawing, set up the  4 pears.  Arrange them in a way that create interesting negative space like the drawing to the left. You might want to create a view finder and use it to "look" at your still life. The website below has some images of kids using a view finder.
 complete the  drawing using Nupastels.  Pay close attention to the balance between positive and negative space.

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