Sunday, August 1, 2010

Emily Neilson: update #2

Here are some drawings I have done in a figure drawing class, I don't know that they're "design" enough, but I figured I should post them anyways. I am also just about done with my fonts, but I won't post them since they are pretty much more of my last post.


  1. I love them. where are you taking figure drawing classes?

  2. I'm so happy that you took this figure class. The emotion in your line is so much more present than in your work last year. there is more life in it, yes? This will help your college portfolio. The old man's face is great. Continuing a figure study class in the fall would be great. It would further support this growth. What I'm thinking is that if you could squeeze out a very lively couple of pieces (finished work like acrylic paintings or pastel drawing) that aren't over worked, this would help you.