Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stavro's summer work in progress

The Above is Design problem#4 Line as Form.

when i first staretd off on this project i was origionaly going to go with the shape of just the Wine bollte with a flow of wine(the metal wire) coming out of it. soon behold i fount out i could not soughter the wire together making it a much more difficut task and the wire was not stiff enought to stay solid liek iw as planning too in my sketch.So i desided to use a suportive form(the bike rim) instead, with the spokes also forms of wire.It is not compleaty finished yet.

The above is Design Problem#5

I made a cell phone for this project. i though it was contradicting how i used stone to make something that was technoligy made. I have not yet glued on My mixed midea art for this project becasue i am waiting to get Super Glue to make sure it wont fall apart.I designed this phone from the phone that go destroyed to take it parts from.The intena goes up and down as well.

Design Modilar tessellation#3

Above are just some of my idea for my modulas tessellation. i wanted the shapes to be cmpleaty geometric in a way. Sorry i couldnt get all of this up on the blog ahead of time.

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